Report on Crystal Glaze Workshop with Gavin Nash

Report on Crystal Glaze Workshop with Gavin Nash

On the weekend of 16 and 17 April, 8 keen crystal glazed pot lovers learned the secrets of crystal glaze mixing and firing from experienced potter Gavin Nash.

Gavin was extremely generous in sharing all the knowledge he had gleaned and the lessons that he had learned on his journey to perfect the art of crystal glazing. 

Saturday commenced with a demonstration of cone setting and a discussion of the importance of temperature for maximum crystal formation.  Fast and furious glaze mixing and glazing followed to prepare the glazed pots to be attached to their stands ready for firing. With the kiln loaded and the cones in place, fingers crossed and optimistic smiles, we hit the ON button.

Thank you Edward for nursing the kiln overnight so that we could all monitor the milestones in temperature throughout the day Sunday. Firing was complete at just after 3.30 pm.

On Sunday, Gavin skillfully (and with maximum mess!) demonstrated the art, techniques and tricks for throwing unique pieces. 

All was revealed Wednesday afternoon when we unloaded the kiln. So many treasures ….…… awesome!

BIG thank you to Jeff Tillack for making the Pottery grounds look so manicured for us; BIG thank you to Edward for his multi skilling and magic (cone 8’s on demand!) and BIG BIG thank you to Gavin for his generosity and enthusiasm.

I’m sure all participants will continue to explore the crystal glaze possibilities and thanks again Gavin for an excellent and inspiring workshop.